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Easily generate Briefing Books from SAC in PowerPoint, Word, PDF and Excel formats

This is the first of a series of posts that will focus on compiling different views of the same SAP Analytics Cloud dashboard (or even multiple dashboards) into one document. This feature we often refer to as Iterative Exports or Briefing Book Genera... [read more]

How to integrate apps to SAC via oAuth – set up Background Execution for biExport

The Background Execution of biExport in SAP Analytics Cloud is set up as an oAuth Client. The Background Execution is the basis for various features of biExport: Generation of Briefing Books Scheduling Broadcasting Information Bursting The idea is ... [read more]

Export Templates for your Corporate Design

This post describes how you can easily use Export Templates with biExport for SAP Analytics Cloud to create exports in your Corporate Design to fulfil special layout requirements e.g. for Management Presentations or Marketing Presentations In the f... [read more]

How to install Custom Widgets for SAC

This post describes how you can install Custom Widgets to SAP Analytics Cloud in general, and how you install the biExport Widget in particular. As the installation process might be subject to change, this post is always kept up to date to the curren... [read more]

Export for SAC: Getting started with our biExport Custom Widget

This post is intended as a getting started guide for our Export solution for SAP Analytics Cloud versionn 0.0.2. For those of you who already know our Export solution for Lumira: Everything is the same, only better! This is how the Widget looks like ... [read more]

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Our SAP Export solutions are alredy used by a number of global companies!

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„With the export functionality we can bring fantastic solutions to our Design Studio users. Great tool, fantastic performance and powerful design options.“

Mario Rüger, Senior Architect Business Intelligence, TÜV Süd