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Briefing Books from dashboard views

Create fully comprehensive report booklets based on different views of your dashboards

Often, export documents shall show more than the view that has been currently selected by the user. Rather, it is desired that different views of the selected dashboard (sometimes even multiple dashboards) are included in a fully comprehensive report portfolio. The selection of views can be automated, customized by the user or completely individualized.

The Briefing Books publishing feature of the biExport platform offers you a powerful and flexible framework, which helps combining different views into one or more fully comprehensive report booklets, for example in the form of a management presentation.


You can:

  • Select one or more dashboards as the source for the document.
  • Add filters for the execution of the dashboards.
  • Add your own parameters, for example to create specific navigation states for execution.
  • Define filters and parameters as iterative. This means that biExport will execute the dashboards one by one for each value passed, this way creating different views.

Using this framework, you can collect multiple views for generating complex documents. The collection happens regardless of the export format, so you can use the views in the same way for generating a complex report booklet (Word or PDF), a management presentation (PowerPoint), a spreadsheet (Excel) or a CSV file.

The Export Template, which has been selected for the export, controls where the collected elements are shown in the result document.

You can switch between "one document with all views" and "one document for each view" modes using a simple switch. If you select "one document for each view", you can use the Information Bursting publishing feature to send the documents to the recipients one by one.