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Excel exports for information consumers

With Analysis for Office, SAP already offers a good tool for analyzing data in Excel. However, with SAP Analytics Cloud you can reach many business users who are not trained in Analysis for Office.

biExport provides an Excel export function for these information consumers: They can open the export document in Excel or Numbers to calculate an additional KPI, or run a simulation based on the data. Even though online front-ends offer such features nowadays, most users love the flexibility of Excel for these tasks.

Export to Microsoft Excel and Apple Numbers

With biExport, users can create an export to Excel or Numbers with just one click.

  • Export templates can be created in XLS, XLSX, XLSM or XLST formats to provide a corporate design for the export.
  • Elements can be explicitly selected for the export.
  • All elements and meta information can be displayed in the document.
  • Dashboard tables are automatically translated into a native Excel / Numbers table. The entire table is exported independently of the scroll bars in the dashboard. CSS styles as well as number formatting are preserved: Everything is ready for calculation.
  • Charts can be translated to Excel charts. Chart type, colors and style are kept as close as possible to the original. Users can change or extend chart data as needed.

Refresh Excel charts

In addition, the Excel addon biAnalytics Office allows:

  • add additional visualizations that were not part of the dashboard
  • add and visualize additional data sources
  • update the document without having to open the analytical application
  • update the data in the document - for example, during the month-end closing - without losing the changes that are already included in the presentation