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biAnnotation for SAP Analytics Cloud (SAC)

Annotate and comment dashboard elements

The ability to annotate certain elements of a dashboard is a very helpful tool for business users during the reporting process. SAP offers a commenting feature within SAC for this purpose, but it has two weighty drawbacks:

  • It does not work with live connections to SAP BW, but only after replicating the data in SAC.
  • In many reporting scenarios comments are not desired to be displayed the way SAP implemented it in the standard. However, the display of comments cannot be configured.

With our biAnnotation widget, which we designed in close collaboration with SAP consulting, users can:

  • Annotate any table cell
  • Annotate any other dashboard element
  • Display the annotations as footnotes in the analytical application
  • Highlight elements by marking them
  • Modify and overwrite elements

The described functions are technically transparent and fully configurable. Markings, comments and changes can be:

  • stored in a SAC planning model.
  • loaded from the planning model via scripting when starting the report, be set at the push of a button and also be deleted again.
  • completely configured in their presentation with the help of CSS: Background color, color, character size, etc.

In addition, the tooltips and the display of overwritten values can be configured