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biNotification for SAP Analytics Cloud (SAC)

Enhance your reporting and planning processes with notifications

With the biNotification widget, which we implemented in close cooperation with SAP, you can send email notifications during the reporting and planning process.

This makes biNotification the perfect choice, for example in the following scenarios:

  • Notify colleagues about a new task in the planning workflow of a planning scenario
  • Send information about a reporting context to another user
  • Send a customized notification to someone to make them aware of interesting aspects of a dashboard

The biNotification widget is flexible and supports a variety of implementation methods:

  • All notification parameters can be either statically set, dynamically defined using standard SAC input fields, or application context
  • When creating a notification, text-only or HTML markup is supported
  • Text placeholders allow you to use a notification template and easily customize it to fit the context

Currently, the widget only supports sending email notifications. However, it can be easily extended in the future with interfaces to Microsoft Teams, Skype, Slack, etc.