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Export Features Overview: biExport vs. SAC standard vs. custom implementation

The following fact sheet is intended as an overview of biExport's features. If you are planning an export project for Lumira Designer dashboards or applications, I am sure you will find the feature you are searching for. Also we compare the features ... [read more]

How a biExport for SAC document can be returned or stored

By default, biExport directly returns the generated document tot he end user. Especially when Briefing Books are generated, other output channels are more convient, though. In this post I want to introduce to the Output Channels (also called Publish ... [read more]

How to create a Custom Widget for SAC – lessons learnt

Over the last months we at biexcellence have created three ready-to-use Custom Widgets for SAP Analytics Cloud (SAC). Each of them provides interesting features and functions, which are not available in SAC standard: biExport: providing Briefing Boo... [read more]

How to add files to comments in SAC

SAP Analytics Cloud (SAC) offers a commenting function that allows users to easily post their opinion on values or explain a status. They can e.g. right-click on a value and choose "Add Data Point Comment" ... ...enter a comment and choose "Place Co... [read more]

Enhance your SAC reporting & planning processes by custom notfications

I am happy to introduce you to our new Custom Widget biNotification for SAC! It enables you to enhance reporting and planning processes that are created as Analytic Applications with SAP Analytics Cloud. Notifcation Scenarios The biNotification Widge... [read more]

Using Events with biExport for SAC

In my blog post Scripting for biExport I have provided a technical overview of all Script Methods that are available with the biExport Custom Widget for SAP Analytics Cloud. The Widget also provides events that you can react on. The most common use c... [read more]

Scripting for biExport for SAC

Today's blog post is rather technical. It shall give SAC Application developers an overview of the script methods that are available with the biExport Custom Widget. Read Using Events with biExport for SAC for an overview of supported events. For bet... [read more]

Easily generate Briefing Books from SAC in PowerPoint, Word, PDF and Excel formats

This is the first of a series of posts that will focus on compiling different views of the same SAP Analytics Cloud dashboard (or even multiple dashboards) into one document. This feature we often refer to as Iterative Exports or Briefing Book Genera... [read more]

How to integrate apps to SAC via oAuth – set up Background Execution for biExport

The Background Execution of biExport in SAP Analytics Cloud is set up as an oAuth Client. The Background Execution is the basis for various features of biExport: Generation of Briefing Books Scheduling Broadcasting Information Bursting The idea is ... [read more]

Export Templates for your Corporate Design

This post describes how you can easily use Export Templates with biExport for SAP Analytics Cloud to create exports in your Corporate Design to fulfil special layout requirements e.g. for Management Presentations or Marketing Presentations In the f... [read more]

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