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Broadcast dashboards as documents

Share your dashboard as a document attached to an e-mail or uploaded on a file system

SAP Analytics Cloud unfortunately does not provide sufficient options to make dashboards available to other users as documents. With the help of biExport this is now possible: meet the Broadcasting publishing feature!

Broadcasting is the sending of an export document to one or more report recipients. Typically this is done via e-mail, but other output channels can also be selected.


By default, biExport returns the generated PowerPoint, Word, Excel or PDF documents directly to the user. However, with just a few clicks you can configure the output of the documents to an alternative destination:

  • One or more internal or external email recipients
  • Microsoft SharePoint / OneDrive
  • Central file share (for further processing)
  • SAP system
  • Web Service
  • Custom defined application

All these output channels can be selected during Scheduling.