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Create briefing books and documents for external communication in no time!

Displaying data from your dashboard in Microsoft Word or Apple Pages is not possible with the SAP Analytics Cloud board functions. It is therefore a laborious and time-consuming manual task, for example with copy & paste. The result is hardly presentable screenshot collections, which often do not meet the high quality business requirements.

With biExport for SAP Analytics Cloud you can easily create high quality report booklets, supplier master sheets or customer information pages. You can even include editable tables and vector graphics of your SAP Analytics Cloud data.

biExport generates a document that can be opened with Microsoft Word or Apple Pages. The user can add comments and analysis results and distribute the document afterwards.

The Briefing Books publishing feature also allows you to create complex report bookles from a variety of sources and views.

Export to Word and Pages

biExport uses Export Templates to create documents in your corporate design and layout. These templates are Word documents saved in any format such as DOC, DOCX, DOT or DOTM.

You can use any Word element in your Export Template to define, for example:

  • title page
  • table of contents
  • headers and footers
  • chapter structure
  • texts, images and tables

By the use of placeholders you can easily define where individual data visualizations should appear in the export document.

Once the Export Template is created, it only needs to be uploaded via the biExport Template Manager and referenced in the analysis application.

Refresh documents

In addition, the Word addon biAnalytics Office allows you to:

  • add additional visualizations that were not part of the dashboard
  • add and visualize additional data sources
  • update the document without opening the analytical application
  • update the data in the document - for example, during the month-end closing - without losing the changes that are already included in the presentation