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Enhance your SAC reporting & planning processes by custom notfications

created: 06.05.2020

I am happy to introduce you to our new Custom Widget biNotification for SAC! It enables you to enhance reporting and planning processes that are created as Analytic Applications with SAP Analytics Cloud.

Notifcation Scenarios

The biNotification Widget is flexible to support a great variety of notification scenarios:

  • all notification parameters can either be statically set or dynamically defined from standard SAC input fields or the application context
  • plain text or HTML markup is supported
  • text placeholders enable you to use one notification template and adapt it easily to the context

These features make biNotification the perfect choice if you users want to...

  1. Notify colleagues in a planning scenario that they are next in the planning workflow: /mimes/SAC_Screenshots/biNotification_03.PNG
  2. Send information of a reporting context to another user: /mimes/SAC_Screenshots/biNotification_02.PNG
  3. Send a free-form notification to someone to make him/her aware of interesting aspects of a dashboard:/mimes/SAC_Screenshots/biNotification_01.PNG

Currently the widget supports sending of mail notifications only. However it can be easily enhanced by interfaces to Microsoft Teams, Skype, Slack etc. in the future.

How it works

After having installed the biNotification Widget to your tenant, you can send a notification easily via the following script:

biNotification_1.sendNotification([""], [], "My first SAC Notfication");

Of course, you can set the parameters also from input fields or the application context:

biNotification_1.sendNotification([InputField_1.getValue()], [], "SAC Notfication with flexible recipient");

To define the mail body, you can either use the dedicated script method:

biNotification_1.setNotificationBody("A budget request has been assigned to you for approval.");

Or you use the bult-in HTML editor to design the message:


The placeholders can be dynamically replaced by the application context with the following code:

biNotification_1.addCustomText("REASON", InputField_2.getValue());

The editor can be reached via the Custom Widget Additional Properties:


Please register to try it our yourself!

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