Analytics Designer for SAP Analytics Cloud

SAP Analytics Cloud (SAC) provides a lot of standard tools and visualisations for reporting, planning and prediction. When it comes to dashboarding, though, business users often have very special - and at the same time complex - requirements on the layouting of their dashboards and the navigation within them.

The on-premise solution Lumira Designer provides all features and functions needed to fulfil these requirements. Analytics Designer for SAP Analytics Cloud is a successful portation of the Lumira Designer features to SAC. At the same time, usability is often much more intuitive, and even though a lot of functionality of Lumira Designer is still missing, SAP is providing new features and widgets on very fast pace.

Very much like Lumira Discovery and Lumira Designer for the on-premise world, also SAC provides two different design environments for:

  • Analyical Applications (aka Dashboards and Reports)
  • Stories (a PowerPoint like aproach to guide users through an analytical story)

Our Customers

Our SAP Export solutions are alredy used by a number of global companies!

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„With the export functionality we can bring fantastic solutions to our Design Studio users. Great tool, fantastic performance and powerful design options.“

Mario Rüger, Senior Architect Business Intelligence, TÜV Süd